“To make purchases with "Site" credit card at https://demirlertobacco.com/ which is owned by "Demirler Ticaret / Demirler Tobacco" subject to the following security protocols:


In case of shopping on the site, your personal information, card number and passwords will not be saved or stored.


Your shopping on the site is guaranteed with SSL certificate. The task of the SSL certificate is to securely communicate information between the user and the host on which the site resides.


In this case, the information between the visitor and the server is packed in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by the user's browser or server. In this way, important information, credit card, member information and other information to be sent to the server by the user can not be read or received from the network systems that will reach the server.

Demirler Ticaret may, in exceptional circumstances, ask the bank to confirm the order verbally. In this case, your bank will contact you from the information stored in your bank system and ask for your order confirmation. Please make sure that your personal information registered in your bank system is up-to-date so that your bank can reach you.

Due to security procedures, please make sure your registered phone number is correct, your numbers and e-mail address will be used for any information and other matters related to your order.