You can pay for all the orders you have made on our site online with all credit cards, either with single shots, or with installment options.


Your credit card payments are made with security software under SSL standards, and only you and the bank will be in contact with you at the time of payment.


In no case will your credit card information be recorded by the SELLER.


For the security of your SELLER credit card and personal information; we are trying to take all precautions and care in the frame of technical developments and you need to be careful about protecting your password information for your credit card and personal information security, using antivirus program, not using computers in public places and safe exit from the site.

The SELLER can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by your fault or negligence.


You can pay by cash at the door at time of delivery or by Credit Card at the door. When you place your order, make your selection in your basket accordingly.




You can pay for any of the bank accounts that will be automatically sent to your email address immediately after completing your order for 3 days.


It is sufficient for us to write the buyer's surname of your order in the '' Description '' part of the EFT. The transfer fee and / or EFT fee by the bank and any additional fees to be taken under similar names are not included in the total sales price of the product but belong to the BUYER.

Except for the mistakes we originate, all return-exchange shipping costs belong to the buyer.